The New path I walk


The New path I walk

Works at TGI Fridays Studies at Art Institute of Philadelphia Lives in Jersey single Speaks Few Born on 10/04/1990 From Elizabeth
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Chef and an enlightened mind with a passion for cooking and many other things. Anime, cartoons, parties, and psychology. Im random and helpful ill follow back always and ask me anything.
I have a horrible past but look forward to a great future

I'm just as abnormal as any one human is. Meaning weird. You'd be surprised how much we either have in common or how great a friend I can become

My page consists of everything I see fit in my eyes, some may not be suitable for children under 18 and Most if not all pictures are not of my own unless further said. I accept submissions of anything, and don't be afraid to talk to me :) I could use the company

keep me a friend you have a everything you could want
make me an enemy and you'll with you were never born

I am a good guy helpful and nice ill treat u like by best friend. i have lived a very complicated life and most dont know about it. Im also very good at understanding problems and and life, im willing to do anything when people ask for help, and i listen and help and dont pretend like most.
oh btw i hate fakers and liars plz dont waste the time talking if thats you


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